Robin Kane-Nickel


Get OUTSIDE for a RUN! Here are some tips to help.

Don’t feel like a run or workout? Is the weather bad?

Running is not only about physical goals but also about mental strategies. What mental strategies do you use to help you through those hard runs? Or workouts?

Mental Imagery ~ vividly see yourself and feel yourself performing well, being successful and crossing the finish line.

Self Talk ~ keep thoughts simple, positive and powerful

Focus ~ stay on target

Mental Toughness ~ I do what is hard and stay positive through adversity

Anxiety Control ~ your nervous energy should not wreck your pace, it should process excitement

Intensity ~ energy level stays right for the situation

Body Language ~ Carry yourself with confidence, fake it if necessary

Pain Management ~ I can distract myself from discomfort so I can push through (see one of the above)

Self Analysis ~ Review your progress to see where you are doing well and where you can improve

Resilience ~ Focus on your strengths and move past disappointing performances.

This might help the next time you don't "feel" like running or picking up the weights!! YES YOU CAN!!

"A lot of people run a race to see who's the fastest. I run to see who has the most guts".

~ Steve Prefontaine, legendary American runner

Post Run Snack

For a healthy post run treat grab an apple. They're high in cholesterol lowing soluble fiber. A Japanese study found apples also contain antioxidant that may protect against muscle injury, particularly those caused by downhill running.


Compression socks have been making their way onto plenty of runners.  This might be because studies have shown they stimulate blood flow and help legs recover faster from a hard run. These snug fitting knee high socks are meant to increase circulation and reduce lactic build up. Some runners wear compression socks while training and racing and other will use them after a run.

 "I often hear someone say, 'I am not a real runner'. We are all runners, some just run

faster than others. I never met a fake runner". Bart Yasso, Runners World Chief running officer.

 Happy Running!

The name Robin means “bright fame” and aptly describes Robin. One of Fairfield County’s most prolific fitness leaders and innovators, Robin integrates her love of movement, music and sports science to create and lead innovative, inspiring and challenging group fitness classes that appeal to all audiences. Robin draws inspiration from her 20+ year career in the health and fitness industry that include mastery of multiple disciplines such as gymnastics, martial arts; aerobics; Pilates; yoga; weight training; running, and cycling, among others. Robin holds numerous professional health and fitness industry certifications - including one to work with cancer patients and survivors, graduated from Sacred Heart University, and works as a Personal Trainer and as the Group Fitness Manager at the Equinox in Darien, Connecticut.