Bug Juice

Face it. We need it. Too many bugs can ruin a perfectly beautiful time outside. Don’t let that happen.  Rumor has it that a dryer softener sheet tucked in your hat or pocket will help. We are not convinced. Let us know. Here is an alternative solution that is natural. Bugs can be a BIG problem even though we know and love them. The alternative is a spray with deet, but only spray your hat and shoes.

Mountain Man Bug repellent: rosemary, peppermint eucalyptus, citronella www.mountainmanbugrepellent.com


We all need to be outside for mental and physical health but TOO much sun is  not good for your skin. USE sun screen or you will have big problems.

Technology and science keeps changing on this issue but trust JGO. The best sunscreen is provided by MDSolarSciences. Their products are safe and effective.

Check them out:www.mdsolarsciences.com