Do you want to improve your health, elevate your brain power and feel great? Justgoutside. It’s the best medicine.

Most people say they love the outdoors and good weather days, but the average American spends most of their time in offices and homes INDOORS. This indoor living is not good for your health.

So, justgoutside and start getting healthier and happier! 

Some of the Science

For millions of years, humans lived outside and depended on nature for everything. Food, shelter and sleep cycles were all determined by nature. In the last thousand years or so, there has been major shift in that relationship. In the last 50 years particularly, humans have moved away from that relationship with nature. In such a short time period maybe only a couple of generations, there is no way we could adapt well to this change.  Our bodies and mind still want to be outside with nature.

JGO Challenges

Walk outside for 30 days straight for at least 15 minutes. (even in bad weather: justgoutside)

Participate in your first 5K, 10K, Tri, Mud Run or Fun Walk

Learn a new outside sport.

Climb 10 High Peaks

Complete your first overnight camping trip.

Play outside in 10 states in one year.

Get Inspired

Some people feel that being outside in nature can “reset their confidence and peace of mind.”

Want to feel “full”? Wake up in the outdoors.

Leading naturalist Richard Louve, author of The Nature Principle, “We can be happier, healthier and smarter if we bring more nature into our lives.”

86% of stressed out women surveyed by Women’s Health said that their mood improved with spending time outdoors in nature.

Get more vitamin N. (nature)!

After an hour walk in an arboretum, research shows that memory power and attention span rose.

When people took a walk outside verses the mall, 90% reported higher esteem and 71% felt less depressed, per research at the University of Essex, UK.

Forget the shoes! Walking barefoot in grass and sand will ground you.

The more nature that you get….the better you will feel.

Want to get the biggest bang from the outside? Spend time near rivers, lakes and oceans. They have the most positive emotional effects.

The outdoors is an awesome alternate to an expensive gym. Exercising outside will make you want to increase intensity without realizing it and the uneven terrain makes for better overall workouts.

Can you believe that only 22% of women exercise outside, per the “Health Benefits of Nature” survey by Women’s Health magazine? Justgoutside will you!!!!