Get your Natural Light

Make sure you find the time to get natural light even if it is from an office window. Research shows that people, who got more natural light, slept better, got more exercise and reported a higher quality of life. The natural light regulates your body clock so you sleep better at night and feel more alert in the day. Justgoutside every day! Or at least sit by a window!

Run/Walk your First 5K

Here is an easy plan.

If you are not running already, start by walking. Then, gradually mix in 10 – 20 seconds of light running periods over a 30 minute walk. Gradually, add more run time and less walk time. Try to do this 3 to 4 times a week, but don’t stress. Some weeks are better than others. The goal is 30 minutes at a pretty good activity level.  If you can mix in other activities like biking, yoga, or weights, that is even better. Over about 4 to 5 weeks, with this approach, you will be ready for some fun at a 5K event.

Here is a barometer to help you know what you can do.

If you can walk for 40 minutes – you can walk the entire way.

Run 1 mile – Run/walk the entire way. 2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking, alternate

Run 2 miles – Run the entire way slowly and be able to talk while you run.

Run 3 miles at least – You can do this and help a friend finish in style.

Find your event and get some friends to do it with you. Check out our websites to help you find an event.

If you do one thing, DO NOTHING.

Relaxing is great for your health. Sometimes, we let life run us. Make time to do nothing and relax. It reduces stress and helps us fight the aging process. Relax OUTSIDE and get a big bang from your relaxation time.