So, we are not diet specialists at JGO. We do have thoughts about food and diet though.

“Keep it simple.” is our mantra!

If you are overweight, you don’t need us or some body mass index to tell you that. You know it. Dieting is super hard and we don’t understand it as a way of living. We want you to change your habits as a way to control weight and live well.

Here are a few simple steps that we feel work and start you on a road to lifestyle change.

If you need to lose some weight, it’s your body’s way of telling you that you don’t need those calories in the first place. When your brain is telling you that you are hungry, maybe your body is not hungry.

  1. Start by consciously eating less of your normal diet. (maybe you eat ice cream every night… eat less tonight)  This is not easy. By habit you will serve yourself your normal portions, realize it and eat less. That’s it for starters.

  2. Make it a RULE. There is no need for ‘seconds’. It tasted great, but your body doesn’t need it even if your brain loved the taste.

  3. Look at the food you are eating. If it is not colorful, substitute something for food with some color and we don’t mean Cheetos.

      4.  Every 7 - 10 days, fast for 8 to 12 hours. The easiest way to do this is overnight and skip breakfast. Good things happen to your body with the occassional fast! 

So, that's it! "Keep it simple." and did we mention. justgOutside too!

JGO Food Favorites

We are nuts for nuts.  

These are little energy boosters. If you have an afternoon lull before the kids come home, grab a handful of nuts. They are super good for you, really easy for transportation and require no refrigeration. Simple.  Check out this article on nuts.

Eating Together Matters

We really like eating with family and friends. Make it a rule that no one eats alone in your house if someone else is there.  Try to make it a goal to all eat together. The reality is that this is hard, but even if you eat in shifts, try to have someone sit with whoever is eating. Besides the connections that you will make about your day and week, your eating habits will be better.