Get Inspired

Here are some quick tips to get started if this is new for you:

No time or Too Tired?

Start with 10 minutes in a green space in your work clothes…take your shoes off and feel the grass, cement, sand. …whatever is there? Be present in the moment and feel the space.  Set a goal to do this every day for one week even on rainy days. (Use an umbrella if you need it or NOT)

Stuck inside with small children?

Start a garden with your little ones. It can be as small as a planter pot. Feel the dirt and get messy. Did you know that kids who garden eat more vegetables? Do you have an adventurous boy or girl, try to find a worm?  Not a gardener? Take a walk with everyone after dinner and count the bird sounds you hear. Set a goal each walk to get everyone listening.

No money?

justgoutside it’s free!! Start walking. Set a goal for time and frequency/week.  Notice everything when you are walking. Can you see the leaves on the trees?

Don’t know what to do outside

Start by walking and then become a part of justgoutside to learn more.